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How do I purchase your services?

We do not sell anything over the phone, all of our sales are conducted at our clients office, store or shop; or if you wish to come to one of our offices for an in house explanation of our services, you are more than welcome to. A qualified Media Consultant will arrange a time which is best suited for you to meet at your establishment. This is where we will come to know your business, what type of product/service you offer, what is your USP etc etc. We will find out if you would like to build awareness, or if you want people to fill up a quotation request form, or if you want to generate sales and acquire new customers, basically what your goals are. From gathering this information we will then outline the best direction for your online advertising campaign. We do not utilize pressure sales tactics, we educate our clients and lead them in the right direction.

How much does it cost?

This is the number one question we always get. The answer is simply this: what is your budget. Knowing that 70-90% of the population will search for your product/service at any given time, it would make more sense to put your hard earned money where the masses are searching for you, on the internet. Our fees are very minimal to the level of services, expertise and an on call account manager who will service you all the time. You know the adage, You get what your pay for. If its too good to be true, it probably is. Our company was founded on the principles of giving great service and expertise at a reasonable rate. We are not the cheapest (if you take into consideration providers from overseas) but we are the most ROI intense company who provides expert online advertising and social media services.

Who will be able to view my advert?

You advert will be viewable by anyone searching and typing your keywords/phrases in the area/region/zone that you specified.

Why doesn't my advert appear nationally and internationally?

It can if you wish! However, why would you advertise your business/service to people who will never become customers and incur undue costs? We target your advertising specifically to the area you wish to provide your services to. However, if you wish to advertise nationally or internationally, we also have services that will enable you to advertise anywhere, anytime!!

What is the difference between listings in the organic section of Google® search to where I am listed on the ads?

The listings in the main pages of Google® are sites that have great ranking in Google® algorithms. You will also have one of those (somewhere in the millions of listings on some page that may never be viewed) but to appear on Google® front page on an organic listing is virtually impossible for most businesses and takes an enormous amount of specialist time and MONEY or both.

When will my site be listed on Google®?

This normally takes our technicians 48 hours to 1 week from the time we start your campaign. Your account manager will inform you if there is any difference to this schedule.

Could I do what you offer myself?

Yes you could, that said, you would need a lot of time and a good level of knowledge to get the same results. That's the whole point. Most business owners or their staff do not have the time let alone the expertise to do what we do. Like anything in life you can do it yourself if you have the time and the know how or you can pay to get it done for you. It's simple, we market your business on Google® for you and you pay us to do it. You're the expert in your business, we are the experts in our business.

How does your can't be beat guarantee work?

Simple! We beat any google certified premier partners price. If you are receiving a better quote on rates from a premier google partner, BreezeMaxWeb will not only match the price you are receiving but beat it by 10%! Please note the services quoted by a competitor of BreezeMaxWeb, must be aligned to match BreezeMaxWeb's offerings. This includes our transparency features, performance based pricing, lifetime price freeze guarantee, direct google reporting and local face-to-face representation and consultation.

What does your lifetime price freeze involve?

It doesn't get more clear cut then this! When you sign up with a BreezeMaxWeb Media Consultant your price is guaranteed for life! No more worries or hassles about annual rate increases or market fluctuations. We give all of our clients peace of mind, with our Lifetime Price Freeze Guarantee, so they can control their budgets accordingly . Please Note that the LifeTime Price Freeze Guarantee applies to accounts that have consistent up time with no interruptions or cancellations.

How much does BreezeTact cost?

BreezeTact comes in two different plans, our basic plan is free and provides you with a limited version of the plugin. To use BreezeTact to its full potential you can get the premium version for just $399, BreezeTact Premium is included free for all of our BreezeQuest clients. Your website will need to be powered by WordPress in order to use BreezeTact.

What is BreezeTact's installation process?

BreezeTact is easy to install, simply navigate to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins tab on the left sidebar. From here you can upload the BreezeTact zip file. After uploading the plugin you can change the settings from the Conversation options on the left side.

Does BreezeTact come with support?

BreezeTact Premium comes with 1 month of support, after 1 month you can optionally extend the support. The basic version of BreezeTact doesn't come with support but you can look through our website for further documentation and instructions.

Does BreezeTact work with websites that are not on WordPress?

BreezeTact does not work with websites that are not run on the WordPress platform. If you would like to see BreezeTact on another website platform feel free to fill out our contact form and we will consider building it if there is enough demand. Our team can also build out a custom version of BreezeTact specifically for your website, please speak to our live chat operator to get a custom quote!

Can you install BreezeTact for me?

We are always happy to help assist you with installing BreezeTact, if you have BreezeTact Premium or BreezeQuest contact us through our support form and we will be happy to assist you with installing BreezeTact! Unfortunately we will not be able to help you install the basic version of BreezeTact.

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